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Schools Solutions

More and more educational institutions are opting for electronic security solutions these days in order to make their learning environment safer for their students.

Electronic security systems for schools enable imparting of education in calm, safe conditions, where students can learn in peace and teachers can teach with minimal disruption.

Need for security systems in schools

Security systems become indispensable for all educational buildings and learning centers owing to the following reasons:

  • Protection of students from danger
  • Creation of secure working environment for staff
  • Deterrence of undesirable events
  • Protection of valuable property and sometimes irreplaceable equipment
  • Keeping track of visitors and outsiders

Services Offered

Child safety is of paramount importance. Schools/colleges often have many entrance points, causing vulnerability. Hence, the installation of the appropriate security systems to achieve the required security level requires expert knowledge and experience of the methods available.

Safenet Security Solutions are specialists in school security, safety and protection techniques. In order to give school principals and parents confidence in our company, our special school security design and implementation includes the following services:

  • Intruder alarm systems/ burglar alarm systems : protection of expensive computers , laboratory equipments, cash sections etc.
  • CCTV cameras: for surveillance of classrooms, libraries, reception area, corridors, etc
    access control: identification for students, staff members, visitors at different entry- exit points
  • Fire alarms: early alert and escape during a fire emergency
    emergency lighting