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Residential Solutions

Home security has become one of the top things people look for in a property. Along with lot size, square footage, and location, the kind of home security system a house has in place is now truly a deciding factor for buyers. The benefits of house alarm systems are numerous for all types of residential buildings.

Benefits of Home Security System

Having a house alarm installed maybe an investment endeavor, but the overall benefits far exceed the cost and provide peace of mind for anyone who owns one.

  • Protection from intruders is the major advantage of a home security system.
  • A home security system is often able to monitor for smoke/fire detection.
  • Carbon monoxide levels can also be monitored with a home security system.
  • They come in handy in cases of medical emergency; help can be called for by pressing a button on your alarm system
  • Security systems with video camera systems allow you to remotely access video feeds of your home when you are away.
  • Having a home security system helps in getting cheaper rates on home owners insurance
  • Having a security system already installed while selling your home is another attraction for buyers.

Selecting a security system for your home

Owing to the number of benefits of having a home alarm system, it is recommended that every house should have one. However, the security needs of houses are different. While checking out various home security system options, following factors should be considered:-

  • Take note of all of the areas you would like to protect like all the doors, windows and other possible entry points that your home has including the garage and the smaller windows in your basement.
  • Figure out the level of protection required for the house.
  • Choosing an appropriate combination of audible alarms and motion detectors, surveillance cameras, motion-activated lighting, etc will improve the quality and effectiveness of your home security system..

Wired vs. wireless systems

For older homes, a wireless alarm system should be preferred as a wired system will be very difficult to install. While building a new home or planning on doing extensive renovations, wired alarm systems can be installed and configured.

SafeNet Security Solutions provide you with a number of residential security options to choose from. You can get your security system installed according to the needs of your house.