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These days, almost all types of organizations perform their day to day operations via automated processes which use computer systems connected through networks. This unravels another important aspect of security required, called network security. Network and computer security is critical to the financial health of every organization. Hence, this becomes a key investment decision while setting up a network in your office.


One of our important services is office automation or IT based security solutions for Organizations, Schools, Offices and private entities.

SafeNet provides the following services in this category:

  • Security of office networks
  • Maintaining the integrity, confidentiality of the office networks and preventing the data being communicated through them from being compromised and accessed by unauthorized parties
  • Firewalls
  • Hardware/software solution implemented within the network infrastructure to enforce an organization’s security policies by restricting access to specific network resources.
  • Computer systems integration
  • Integration of the office security systems with the computer systems
  • Wiring
  • Setting up and maintenance of the wiring required for all types of security mechanisms installed in the office
  • Back-up systems etc.
  • Provision of back-up support systems for the organization’s primary security mechanisms. They could suffice in case of a failure/compromise of any of the primary security systems.

SafeNet Security Solutions provide all of the above mentioned Information Technology and networks based comprehensive security solutions to suit the security needs of your office.