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Burglar Alarm Systems

A “Burglar alarm systems” or “intrusion detection system” is a cornerstone component of a complete home security system and is being increasingly used by common households. These devices are designed to detect any kind of infringement by unauthorized persons in your premises and trigger a siren to communicate the alarm to a security monitoring centre so that appropriate responsive actions could be taken.


Burglar Alarms use a combination of intrusion detection devices like movement sensors, break glass sensors, vibration sensors, door and window devices, etc which are installed throughout the premises. For an effective detection of an intrusion, these devices are also used in the security mechanisms for

  • Residential
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Commercial and
  • Industrial setups, etc.


Some of the major advantages of using a burglar alarm system include:

  • Ensuring a safer environment for the residents and their assets.
  • Providing for the security of physical assets when premises are deserted.
  • Deterring criminal activities.
  • They enable a responsive action to be taken in the event of an intrusion.