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Government Solutions

Government owned offices, buildings, parks, tourist places, etc are important landmarks all over the world.

Since government facilities are of major significance to a nation, these properties are at a high risk inmate attacks from terrorism, other descending nations, etc. In order to ensure the most secure setup for these buildings of national importance, SafeNet Security Solutions offer the best quality security mechanisms. To meet the challenge of fulfilling the security requirements of a government facility,
we help you configure the right setup with the following security products:-

  • High end burglar alarms / intrusion detection systems/ control panels :
  • prevent any kind of intrusion by unauthorized party
  • Live monitoring/ Remotely monitored Fire alarm systems:
  • prevent the highly important government property/assets/equipments against the dangers of fire
  • Access control systems
  • controlling entry/exit of staff/personnel/visitors to the different departments/portions of government facilities
  • CCTV surveillance cameras/DVRs :closely monitoring the most sensitive/private sections of the government buildings

We extend services and solutions to suit all types of security requirements of various government owned building structures. They include:

  • estimation of security investments required,
  • installation of comprehensive security systems
  • regular periodic maintenance, inspections
  • upgrades and repairs
  • wired/wireless systems

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