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Commercial Office Park Solutions

Being some of the most crowded places, commercial office parks are most prone to the dangers of emergency situations like terrorist attacks, fire events, etc. Hence, security systems become indispensable for such commercial setups. During the planning phase of such commercial organizations, the investment in security aspects becomes a key decision. SafeNet Security Solutions brings the best quality security solutions for all types of requirements.

Security system requirements to be considered for commercial office parks:-

  • Entry/Exit points need to be monitored for employees, staff, visitors, etc
  • Cafeteria /eating joints need to be secure against fire
  • Vehicle parking lots should be guarded against intrusions, theft and fire
  • Power generation units require all time fire protection and access control for only trained staff
  • Restricted departments containing expensive machinery, resources, and equipments need to be secure
  • Recreation centers/gyms etc need to be protected.

To meet all the above security requirements, we extend the following services to form the complete security architecture of your commercial office campus premises:-

  • Access control systems to guard all the possible entrance/exit points to all the major sections.
  • Fire alarms/ smoke detectors/ carbon monoxide detectors for the entire campus
  • CCTV surveillance cameras for vehicle parking lots, specialty labs, departments with expensive assets
  • Intrusion detection systems for restricted sections

SafeNet Security offers FREE estimation for the full fledged security requirements of your commercial setup. Contact us for any type os security system installation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, inspections, etc.