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Planning for and selecting the right security system is one of the key investment decisions to be made during the initial phase of setting up your restaurant/hotel. Burglar and fire alarm systems, CCTV systems, POS (point-of-sale) systems, telephone, music, television and paging systems are common in restaurants. Hence, all of these should be planned for during the design stage.

Selecting a security solution for your Restaurant/Hotel

The design of your restaurant will affect the system’s ability to monitor the building. Burglary, theft and robbery prevention are the chief reasons to install a security system. Design considerations play a role in your security system:

  • the number of entrances and exits
  • daytime and nighttime visibility
  • employee and vendor access
  • glass windows
  • landscaping

It is recommended that the following aspects of design and operations should be considered when selecting a security system:

  • Type of restaurant: High-volume bars or restaurants, fast-food restaurants with high cash sales or typical full-service restaurant with major credit card sales.
  • Opening and closing timings : amount of security needed
  • Size of restaurant: area that needs protection.
  • Type of building , location
  • Need for extra protection: extra security equipment required for expensive artwork or furnishings.
  • Number of cash register and checkout areas
  • on-site safes for money or valuables
  • Insurance requirements : predefined requirements of insurance companies, rate reductions

SafeNet Security provides an accurate estimation as per your requirements. Also, the most appropriate security solutions are suggested to suit the needs of your restaurant based on all the major design and operation considerations.